How to Sell a Property No One Wants

How to Sell a Property No One Wants

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In a competitive housing market, limited listings can drive multiple bids, and hot properties sell quickly at asking price and above.

But when a property is less-than-appealing, it can sit on the market. What can you do if your property lacks buyer appeal and you need to sell?

Ways to Give a Property Buyer Appeal & SELL

  • Pre-Inspect: Take the guesswork out of what needs to be done and consider getting a pre-inspection. Knowing what you’re dealing with will allow you to provide an honest assessment of your property to buyers and provide you something to negotiate with.
  • Clean Up: Improving a home’s appearance doesn’t take much. Freshly cleaned surfaces, floors, and windows will help put the sparkle on your space. If you can foot the bill for a professional cleaning, even better. Power wash outside paths and patios, and clean up the yard and landscaping.
  • Stop Smells: Odors can put off potential buyers. Address any pervasive smells from pets, smokers, or other issues. Steps may include deep cleaning carpets and window treatments.
  • Minor Repairs: Look at small repairs that might affect buyer interest. DIY home improvements like loose tiles, burnt-out bulbs, holes in the drywall, squeaky hinges, or clogged sinks are often easily fixed.
  • Declutter: Buyers need to envision themselves in your space. It can be difficult when a home is too cluttered. Pack up photos, clothes, knickknacks, and other personal items. Keep décor accents to a minimum.
  • Stay Positive: Finally, hang in there. Your property may not be the most sought-after listing. But it will sell. Take steps to improve buyer appeal, be flexible and ready to negotiate, and have patience.

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