Loans to Purchase Property

Loans to Purchase Property
by gregrussell

How our loans to purchase property work

We loan up to a maximum of 50% or half of the purchase price of a property. You will need to have the other 50% cash down plus closing costs before we can help you.

In addition, we don’t allow seller carryback second position financing. Our minimum loan amount is $25,000 and our maximum is $400,000.

Please note: Gregory M. Russell provides hard money loans for business or investment purposes only.

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Some of the loans we approve:

  • Rental property loans
  • Duplex loans
  • Apartment & multifamily loans
  • Vacation home loans
  • Condominium loans
  • Retail property loans
  • Business property loans
  • Restaurant loans
  • Industrial property loans
  • Church property loans
  • Commercial land loans

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