Success Stories

Success Stories
by gregrussell

Borrower success stories

We take pride in our ability to help our customers borrow on their real estate equity. When conventional loan sources were unavailable these customers were able to come to us and obtain the financial help they needed! Here are a few of their stories.

Hard Money Loan Secured

An Idaho couple was looking for a quick mortgage equity loan on one of their many properties they owed in the Boise area. After giving up finding a bank that made loans on non-conforming real estate, they started looking for a hard money lender and happily got in touch with us in Oregon. The properties they owned ranged from mini storages and bare land to commercial property, generally not the type of property conventional lenders are interested in making loans on.

We did a quick inspection of their properties and were able to fund their loan from our offices quickly and with minimum paperwork.

North to the Dakota Oil Fields!

This borrower was in the construction business and had seen his business grind almost to a standstill in the last four years. He heard from a friend about the huge demand for housing in North Dakota due to the oil rush. He knew that if he could get up there with some money in his pocket he could stay busy building housing for the oil field workers that were flooding into the area. He wanted to borrow on a new home and guesthouse that he had under construction. Even though he had no mortgage on the property the conventional lenders wouldn’t talk to him because his property was still under construction.

Since it was 80% complete, we felt that he already had plenty of equity in the property to justify the loan amount he was looking for. Since our private money loans are based primarily on equity, we made him the mortgage loan he needed and the last we heard he had caught the redeye to the oil fields and is doing what he does best, building residential housing!

Bill Consolidation Eases Cash Flow

Our Oregon customer had so much debt that she was having trouble paying her monthly bills each month. She owned a small rental property that had no mortgage on it and came to us to obtain an equity loan for 50% of its value.

We inspected the real estate, did a comparable sales analysis of real estate in the neighborhood, and felt good about making the loan. Through her new loan she was able to pay off all her bills and just make one mortgage payment each month. Her new payment was considerably less per month than she was paying before.

Computer Software Start-up Launched

A Southern California resident wanted to start a computer software company in the Los Angeles area and was having trouble obtaining a lender to fund his project through normal channels. Although he owned a very nice rental property in the greater Portland area that he wished to use as collateral for an equity loan the conventional lenders he talked to were not interested in funding this type of loan.

He had heard of mortgage lenders that made private money loans in Oregon to people with good equity and that these loans were based primarily on equity. When he finally got in touch with us, we were able to fund his loan for the full amount he needed. The last we heard he was doing fantastic in his new start-up business!

Looking Forward to Retirement

Our borrower was planning on retiring in the next few years but had built up sizable credit card balances and personal loans with high interest rates. His goal was to position himself to be able to comfortably live on his reduced income once he retired. To do this he knew he needed to pay off his bills and credit cards.

We arranged a real estate equity loan on his central Oregon property, which allowed him to pay off all his bills. He planned to use the rental income from his property to pay the equity loan payment and then to sell the property in the next few years.

A Business Dream Realized

Our borrower owned a house free and clear and wanted a loan to help his wife realize her dream of starting a “personal training business.”

We inspected the property, obtained a title report and funded the loan within a week and a half! We wish them all the best in their new business venture.

Developer Needed to Buy Time

Our borrower was a real estate developer with an inventory of unsold homes and a temporary cash flow problem. He needed a hard money lender who wasn’t limited by conventional lending guidelines.

We quickly arranged a series of loans on his unsold inventory and got him the cash he needed. The properties sold in due time and he was able to repay our loans in full.

Business Expansion Loan Secured

This customer wanted to expand his cell tower business and increase his cash flow by purchasing and installing an additional cell tower. Traditional lenders were unable to help him because of past credit issues even though he was willing to place a mortgage loan on his free and clear rental property.

As hard money lenders we were able to look primarily at his real estate equity and overlook his past credit problems. We quickly funded the loan, got him the money he needed, and today he is enjoying the increased revenue from his latest business venture.

Another Business Opportunity Realized

This Southern Oregon customer had the opportunity to purchase a well-established painting business in central Oregon at a very attractive price and wished to move quickly to close the sale. After wasting precious time chasing dead end bank loans he came to us.

Since he owned a rental duplex and had no mortgage, we were able to fund his loan and get him the cash he needed all within 10 working days.

Balloon Payment Due

This Portland Oregon borrower owned a house that he was fixing up to rent out and needed an equity loan to finish the work. The customer had already checked with several lenders but was unsuccessful since the lenders’ guidelines prohibited making loans secured by properties already under construction.

This scenario was not a problem with our mortgage underwriting. We funded the loan and got him the cash he needed to complete his project.