Prepare Your Property for Appraisal & Improve Your ROI

Prepare Your Property for Appraisal & Improve Your ROI

Our Oregon Hard Money Loans Make Property Upgrades Easy

When selling a home or rental property, the goal is to gain the highest possible return on your investment.

Appraisals come late in the home-selling process when the buyer’s lender requires proof of a property’s claimed value. As seller, it’s in your best interest – and your last chance – to make sure your home comes in at as high a value as possible.

By preparing your property for appraisal by an objective third-party expert, you can improve your ROI and guarantee a smooth sale.

8 Ways to Prepare for Your Property Appraisal

  1. Curb appeal: Set the tone of a well-maintained home with nicely kept landscaping, well-lit and swept sidewalk and driveway, and freshly painted front door.
  2. Declutter: Get rid of piles and personal stuff to give the appraiser a true sense of your property’s full appeal and potential in every room.
  3. Deep clean: Make your home sparkle with a thorough deep cleaning that will help the appraiser to see you as a caring homeowner.
  4. Minor repairs: Make sure things are working as they should and take care of quick and easy fixes like loose steps, drippy faucets, burned-out bulbs and squeaky doors.
  5. Exterior upkeep: Look closely at your foundation, roof, garage and HVAC systems for signs of damage that may need addressing and be prepared to repair.
  6. Small upgrades: Freshen up your property with simple, low-cost upgrades like a new coat of paint, clean carpets, and new door handles and cabinet hardware.
  7. Make a list: Put together a list of home improvements and upgrades you’ve made to provide to the appraiser to help them see value you have added to the property.
  8. First impression: Create a welcoming setting for the appraiser; open blinds and curtains for natural light, make sure the thermostat is comfortably set, and turn on ambient lights where helpful.

By taking these steps, you can feel secure in knowing you have shown your property in its best light for a fairly appraised value.

Finance Your Real Estate Project with an Oregon Hard Money Loan

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