How to Prepare & Enjoy Your Deck for Winter

How to Prepare & Enjoy Your Deck for Winter

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Pacific Northwesterners love their outdoor space. A good deck is one of the more popular features of many Oregon homes. It’s a perfect spot to gather for meals and entertaining.

But harsh winter weather can do damage. Rain, snow, and ice take a toll. Keep these winter prep tips in mind if your deck is seeing the results of cold weather. With the proper preparation, some decks can even be used during winter months!

5 Tips: Winter Weather Deck Preparation & Protection

Before bad weather hits:

  1. Clean your deck. Remove leaves, dirt, and debris on the deck surface and between the boards. Treat any mold or mildew.
  2. Inspect your deck. Look for rotted areas, weak spots, protruding screw heads or nails, and loose railings. Make repairs and plan ahead for any major upgrades or replacements.
  3. Protect your deck. Seal and finish the deck surface every 2-3 years to protect it from snow, ice, rain, and sun.

During winter months:

  1. Keep your deck clear. Remove fallen leaves and debris throughout the season and clear snow and ice as it accumulates. Always go with the grain of the wood and avoid using a metal shovel.
  2. Inspect your deck. Keep an eye on the deck surface and structure, particularly during extreme weather. Stay on top of repairs.
  3. Protect your deck. Cover unused deck furniture, grills, and other deck items. Consider your deck material before salting; it could cause damage.

Once your deck is prepared for cold weather, use and enjoy it during the winter months! Invest in outdoor space heaters or a fire pit table, install a deck cover, place self-adhesive grip strips on potential slippery spots, and cozy up in deck furniture with plenty of blankets and cushions.

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