Why Wait? Make Home Improvements & Upgrades Now

Why Wait? Make Home Improvements & Upgrades Now

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It’s easy to overlook needed upgrades and repairs on your home or real estate investment property. Time and money are often in short supply.

Many owners don’t make improvements to a property until it comes time to sell. But by acting sooner rather than later, you can reduce the need for costlier fixes, save on ever rising supply costs, and enjoy the results yourself.

Here are eight home improvements other owners regretted putting off until selling. Now is a good time to start planning and scheduling contractors for spring and summer upgrade projects on your Oregon investment property.

Home Improvements Worth Doing Now

Solar panels: Money up front reaps long term benefits with solar panel installation.

Walk-in closets: Extra closet space is an appealing addition, particularly to a master bedroom.

Gas-powered fireplace: Efficient, easy maintenance gas fireplaces reduce the need for central heating.

Fresh flooring: Replacing worn carpeting with wood or tiled flooring upgrades an entire room.

Outdoor living space: Repairing a patio or adding a deck expands outdoor living and dining options.

Bathroom redo: A new wall color and updated tiles and flooring gives a bathroom a whole new look.

Woodwork rework: A coat of white paint over dark woodwork or paneling creates a bright, spacious feel.

Small touch ups: Investing time in little repairs and fixes that don’t cost much makes a big difference!

Proactively investing in improvements and repairs to your property will keep you ahead of the curve!

Our Oregon Hard Money Loan Team Is Here to Help

When doing property repairs and upgrades, you sometimes need money fast! At Gregory M. Russell we work with Oregon real estate investors to make sure investment needs are easily met. If you come up short on financing due to bad credit or timing, we’re here to help. Our hard money loans are simple and streamlined. We make your experience from loan request to cash-in-hand stress free. Contact us online or call to learn more 1-888-477-0444.