Why Choose an Induction Stove for Your Kitchen Upgrade?

Why Choose an Induction Stove for Your Kitchen Upgrade?

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Preferred for their precision cooking and affordability by cooks, culinary aficionados, and foodies, gas stoves have long been the go-to appliance in many kitchens. Gas ranges can be found in approximately 40% of American homes.

But eco-conscious kitchen and cooking trends are beginning to shift away from the classic gas range.

If a fix-and-flip or kitchen renovation is in your future, there are good reasons to consider an induction stove as part of your upgrade.

Gas Range vs. Induction Range

There is a movement towards limiting gas cookstoves to lower carbon emissions and health risks. Some places in the U.S. are suggesting future reductions or bans of new gas range installations.

Possible bans will not require the removal of existing gas ranges. But it’s wise to think forward when planning a kitchen renovation or upgrade.

While every cooking mode has pros and cons, induction cooktops and ranges offer many advantages. They are clean-burning and clean to cook with, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

What is an induction stove?

Induction technology uses a magnetic field to conduct heat. An electric current passes through copper wire below the glass cooktop surface. As the current meets flat-bottomed induction-compatible cookware, electromagnetism generates heat energy within the pan. Food cooks more quickly, evenly, and safely, taking less time and using less energy.

An induction cooktop surface does not get hot like a traditional stove, immediately cooling to the touch once cookware is removed. The smooth glass surface is easy to clean. And induction stoves are better for indoor air quality than conventional gas stoves.

What are the cons of induction stoves? First, it can take some adjustment to cooking with induction. If converting from gas to electric, you’ll need an electrician to make outlet upgrades. Induction ranges require compatible cookware, which may mean additional out-of-pocket costs. And induction stoves are typically more expensive than traditional electric ranges.

But if you are committed to an eco-conscious kitchen and thinking of long-term resale value, an induction range can be a smart choice for your real estate remodel.

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