Top Ten DIY Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Top Ten DIY Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

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Things are heating up in the Pacific Northwest.

Summers have become hotter and drier and indications are the climate shift is here to stay.

Air conditioners are becoming more commonplace in homes in Oregon – and rentals and investment properties that offer cooling systems bring top dollar.

With an air conditioner comes the need for maintenance and upkeep. These helpful tips will keep your central AC unit running smoothly and your investment property cool and comfortable.

Top 10 Central Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

  1. Clean it: Keep air conditioners in peak running condition with routine cleanings. Unplug the unit and vaccum away debris. Spray with moderate water pressure and clean condenser fins with a soft brush.
  2. Stabilize it: Concrete pads that air conditioners sit on can settle over time, putting strain on the unit. Level up or replace a sinking pad to improve operation and cooling.
  3. Quiet it: If your newer unit is creating a racket, its probably the condenser. Experiment with installing a sound blanket or deflect noise with fencing. If your AC is older, replacement is the best course.
  4. Insulate it: Poor insulation can minimize an air conditioner’s ability to cool efficiently. Seal up drafts and air leaks, and replace damaged insulation around AC lines for optimal cooling.
  5. Filter it: Change the HVAC air filter regularly (every 1-3 months) to help your cooling system run effeciently and improve air quality. Turn off power to the furnace before swapping filters.
  6. Help it: The less hard an AC has to work, the better it will cool. Install window coverings and encourage tenants to keep blinds and drapes closed during the hottest parts of the day.
  7. Fan it: Hot air rises. Make sure your home includes an attic-mounted fan to aid in pushing hot air up and out and help regulate heat levels.
  8. Program it: Install a programmable thermostat to help manage cooling and save on energy bills. Instruct tenants on how to set temperatures for comfort day and night time.
  9. Repair it: For the cost of parts, you can do many common AC repairs yourself in the time it takes to wait for a repairman. Learn the “anatomy” of your system; take care working with electricity.
  10. Replace it: Every AC eventually needs replacement. A new, energy efficient unit will provide return on your investment. Be sure to properly dispose of old ACs at a waste recycling center.

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