Spring Maintenance Tips to Put the Sparkle on Your Rental

Spring Maintenance Tips to Put the Sparkle on Your Rental

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Spring is here.

If you own vacation or rental properties, now is a good time to think about a seasonal “deep clean.”

Your tenants are responsible for regular cleaning and upkeep of their rental unit. But as a landlord, you also have a responsibility to keep your property well-maintained and livable.

Set your tenants up for success with a scheduled spring maintenance routine. Giving your rental property a seasonal once over will give you peace of mind – and help ensure a higher return on your investment.

Make Your Rental Property Shine with a Seasonal Cleaning

Think top down and outside in as you plan your rental property cleaning and maintenance routine.

Roof & gutters: Inspect for any winter weather damage. Repair holes and replace loose shingles. Remove moss build up. Clean and clear gutters.

Power wash: Use a power washer to spray away mold, dirt and mildew left by damp and inclement weather on siding, decks, driveways and walkways.

Lawn & garden: Clean up winter debris and storm damage. Prune trees, shrubs and dead, damaged branches. Pull up old annuals and cut back perennials.

Pests: Insects become more active with warmer weather and pests can make their way inside. Seal exterior cracks, gaps and openings – and bring in professional exterminator services.

Windows: Check window seals for trouble spots and possible leaks. Sweep away debris and cobwebs and give windows a good cleaning to let the light in.

HVAC system: Make sure heating and cooling system filters are clean and being regularly replaced. Once a month is best. Schedule an annual service checkup for optimal operation.

Floors & carpets: Schedule a professional carpet cleaning. Regular cleaning helps keep stains in check and will preserve carpet quality longer.

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