Real Estate Improvements to Leave for the Pros

Real Estate Improvements to Leave for the Pros

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DIY home upgrades, repairs, and maintenance can save dollars, stretch your home improvement budget, and increase your ROI.

But you can also risk doing more harm than good. Be honest about your abilities if you’re a real estate investor or house flipper. Taking on property upgrades beyond your comfort level or skill set may cost you much more than it saves.

Here are four things to leave for the experts when preparing an investment property for resale.

4 Home Repair Jobs for the Experts

  1. Plumbing: Even a “simple” plumbing task like changing a faucet or installing an appliance can lead to trouble if done incorrectly. Whether it’s a minor leak left unchecked or an obvious flood, water damage wreaks havoc on a home, from mold issues to dry rot. Proper hookups and repairs are essential. Call a professional plumber.
  2. Electric: Electrical work is hazardous when you don’t know what you’re doing. A lot of work also requires permits to show it’s been done to code. Exposed wires, overloaded circuit boxes, and incorrect wiring are all red flags when a property is listed and may result in fines. Light switches, lighting fixtures, and rewiring should all be left to a licensed electrician.
  3. Roofing: The sheer scope of this project should be enough to remind DIYers that climbing around a roof requires both know-how and nimbleness. Whether you need to replace a single shingle or a whole roof, it’s worth investing in a reliable roofing job done by experts.
  4. Foundation: A foundation that has not been adequately repaired can severely compromise a structure. This is a repair job best left to the professionals. Cracks, leaks, or settling call for quick action to avoid irreversible damage and protect your investment. Contact a reputable foundation repair company immediately.

If money, safety, and ease weren’t enough reasons to decide these tasks are worth leaving for the experts, there’s another thing to consider. Home inspectors are in tune with DIY trends and know what to watch for. Poorly executed upgrades or a lack of permits can take a bite out of your ROI when it comes time to sell, and the dollars you saved in DIY renovations or repairs costs can easily be lost.

These four property repairs and improvements are essential expenditures. Budget for them wisely and you’ll see a good return on your investment.

Finance Large Property Fixes with an Oregon Hard Money Loan

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