Prepare to List for the Spring Real Estate Market

Prepare to List for the Spring Real Estate Market

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Thanks to low interest rates and pent-up demand, the traditionally active spring real estate season shows signs of being busier than ever. Buyers are eager, and listings in are tight, making it a seller’s market.

But not every property has obvious buyer appeal or stirs up the bidding wars that have become commonplace.

If you’re planning to sell your rental or investment property this spring, now is a great time to take steps to maximize your ROI.

Follow our pointers and make your property a competitive listing that will attract buyers and sell quickly!

Spring Market Listing: Seller’s Checklist

DIY maintenance: If you have skills and enjoy doing the work, you can undertake many minor property repairs and home maintenance projects yourself. You’ll save money as well as the time and effort likely spent waiting on overbooked contractors. Get going on projects like gutter cleaning, basic landscaping, insulation, filter replacement, decluttering and other home maintenance tasks.

Professional upkeep: Some pre-sale must-do’s are best left to the pros. Keep in mind many professional contractors are booked out weeks – and in some cases months – in today’s market. So carefully inspect your property and schedule contractors now for needed upgrades, maintenance and repairs, including plumbing, electrical, foundation issues or roof repairs.

Permits: Inspection and permitting processes can slow down everything from a remodel to a closing. Plan ahead, do your research, and get municipal and HOA approvals and inspections done well in advance of listing your property – or else be prepared to pay fines or lose potential sale opportunities.

Flexibility: Every project can hit snags, taking longer and costing more than anticipated despite the best efforts at planning and organization. Be ready to go with the flow and be sure to budget extra time and money. It’s all the more reason to start getting your property in order now for a spring sale that will bring you top dollar!

Real Estate Agent: Working in partnership with an experienced and trusted real estate agent can relieve a lot of the pressure when selling. The best agents are busy and in demand in today’s active real estate scene, especially during peak season. So it’s not too early to establish a connection with an agent you like before things heat up.

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