Moving Tips for a Smooth Move

Moving Tips for a Smooth Move

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It’s the busy season in real estate and people are on the move.

Moving doesn’t rank high as a favorite “to do” when it comes to real estate experiences. Pick the wrong moving company, and your move can take a wrong turn. But with some advanced planning and a bit of know-how, you can avoid some of challenges – and common scams – that can come with getting from point A to point B.

Here’s how to relocate without a hitch, whether moving across town or across state lines.

How to Plan for a Successful Move

Research: Finding a trusted moving company is the first step. Research companies carefully. Check out reviews and ask for referrals. Make sure your company of choice is licensed and insured.

Protect: Get a written contract covering the terms of your move – and read the fine print. Make sure the delivery schedule and all costs are clearly stated to avoid a “hostage” situation with your goods.

Fees: Have a clear understanding of all moving costs and fees and get everything in writing. Common add ons include gas fees and tolls. Beware of low up front fees; they can be too good to be true.

Disreputable moving companies will bait customers with low up front quotes, hold possessions hostage, overcharge weight-based loads or steal property. But if you take the time to research and stay aware, you’ll find a reliable moving company you can trust.

As moving day approaches, help your mover help you. Have a game plan in place with a household inventory list. Start packing in advance of the big day. Make sure your movers have safe, clear access to your home when they arrive. In the end, your move will be a little more stress-free!

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