Invest in Portland’s Most Walkable Neighborhood

Invest in Portland’s Most Walkable Neighborhood

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Location. It’s a prime consideration when investing in real estate, especially when purchasing a rental property or house flip.

Oregon is known for its active, outdoor lifestyle. Walking, biking and hiking are second nature to those who live and work here. When it comes to real estate investing, it makes sense to look at properties that offer a variety of transportation options, including easy walking access to amenities.

It’s no surprise that Portland lays claim to the Northwest’s Most Walkable Neighborhood. Boise–Eliot in Northeast Portland provides terrific benefits to anyone looking for friendly “walkability.” Keep the following list of features in mind when you’re looking for the ideal walkable investment property:

Top Features of a Walkable Neighborhood

1. Parks and playgrounds: All ages appreciate green space and outdoor playtime

2. Schools: A quality school district attracts families and adds to property value

3. Grocery stores: Easy access to a diverse range of groceries makes living easier

4. Restaurants: An array of ethnic eateries are a delicious addition to any neighborhood

5. Entertainment/arts: Music, theatre and movies provide relaxation and community connection

6. Shopping: From home goods to gifts, shopping options are an added bonus

The more popular and walkable the neighborhood, the more competitive housing will be. So be prepared to do your research and move fast when the right investment property comes along.

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