How to Survive Real Estate Investment Challenges

How to Survive Real Estate Investment Challenges

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Real estate investing may be touted as a solid means of investing in your future. But it’s not for the impatient or the faint of heart. Real estate deals can go belly up, renovation projects can go off the rails, tenants can be a source of consternation. Perseverance is the name of the game when it comes to a successful return in real estate – especially in tight markets like Oregon and the Portland–metro area.

Wondering what it takes to make it in the face of a real estate challenge? Read on:

8 Steps for Surviving Any Real Estate Investment Challenge

1. Keep calm: Take a breath, focus, and keep a level head. Your impulse may be to panic, and you can give yourself a set few minutes to “go there.” But then stop, take another deep breath, and work to. . .

2. Ditch the emotions: Don’t let yourself be ruled by your emotions in the midst of a real estate crisis. Break things down logically, step by step, and. .

3. Never assume: It’s easy to make assumptions when your emotions get the best of you. If you’ve taken a breath, remained focused, kept your emotions in check, it will be easier to see that mistakes can happen and it’s likely nothing personal against you.

4. Communicate: Once you’ve calmed yourself, it’s important to connect with whoever can most fairly represent the situation – contractor, tenant, real estate agent – to gather first–hand information.

5. Keep talking: The more you know, the better able you’ll be to resolve your real estate challenge. Contact any additional sources in–the–know that will help you quickly and efficiently move beyond assumptions (see #3 and #4) to your end goal.

6. Get support: Once you’ve gathered facts and information, reach out to your real estate support/mentor system to gain perspective and guidance on your best move forward.

7. Make a plan: You’re now well–positioned to make a decision about how to handle your real estate investment challenge. If the problem seems insurmountable, perhaps it’s better it be broken down and tackled one step at a time.

8. Check it: Now that you have a plan, check it against your emotions. Is your plan clear and logical, or reactive and emotional. Keep in mind that your property investment is just that – a business investment – and challenges that arise are not personally directed at you.

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