How to Plan a Successful Kitchen Remodel

How to Plan a Successful Kitchen Remodel

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Kitchen upgrades rank as one of the top “value add” home improvements.

It’s also the spendiest renovation you can take on. Experienced real estate investors know that when turning over a fix and flip or upgrading a rental property, a large percentage of their budget will often be spent on the kitchen.

It pays to plan when it comes to a kitchen remodel. The more thoughtful your renovation, the greater the return you’ll see on your investment.

Avoid costly mistakes and time-consuming mishaps. Follow these tips for a successful kitchen renovation.

5 Tips to Increase Your Kitchen Renovation ROI

  1. Electric: A kitchen redo is an excellent opportunity to improve or upgrade a kitchen’s electrical layout, especially with increased reliance on electric devices. Use a professional electrician to install new grounded outlets at convenient points throughout the kitchen for appliances, tablets, sound systems and phones.
  2. Storage: Think through meal preparation, and clean-up. Place cabinetry for pots, pans, spices and foodstuff handy to the stove. Locate dishware and flatware storage near the dishwasher. Be sure that cabinets are designed to swing clear of obstructions like drawer fronts or appliance handles.
  3. Counter space: Having ample counter space is a cook’s dream. Consider creative ways to accommodate adequate cooking, small appliance storage, and workspace when designing your kitchen layout. Vary countertop heights and take typical cooking habits into account.
  4. Floor plan: Consider traffic flow, accessibility, and efficiency. Plan your kitchen layout as a welcome space for people of varying ages, abilities, and mobility. Include countertops and drawers at accessible heights and alllow maneuverability for walkers or wheelchairs.
  5. Lighting: A well-lit kitchen makes every task more pleasurable. Include a variety of versatile lighting and place light sources at key spots (e.g., over the sink, food prep areas). Under cabinet lighting adds attractive lighting convenient to countertop tasks. And dimmers are a great addition.
  6. Sustainability: Include earth-friendly design touches like reclaimed or salvaged wood cabinetry, recycled countertop materials, and energy-efficient appliances. Install easy-access recycling and compost bins and eco-friendly LED lighting.

Create a forward-thinking kitchen with good resale value. The most important tip of all is to plan ahead. The more prepared you are, the more successful your kitchen upgrade project will be. Our tips provide basic things to look for – and can offer a “heads up” checklist for items you’ll need to order.

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