How to Make Your Kitchen Upgrade Energy-Efficient

How to Make Your Kitchen Upgrade Energy-Efficient
by gregrussell

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Renovating the kitchen is a major part of any house flip or rental property upgrade.

Time and money figure into every decision you make. Watching your budget is important. But you can increase the value of your investment by spending a bit more upfront on an energy-efficient kitchen.

Here are four earth-friendly kitchen upgrades that will improve your ROI.

4 Energy-Efficient Kitchen Upgrades

  1. Appliances: Save on utility bills and help save the planet with environmentally friendly, energy-efficient appliances. Energy Star refrigerators and dishwashers reduce use of electricity and water. Professional kitchens favor induction cooktops for their speed and efficiency. Many energy-efficient appliances offer money-saving rebates to further sweeten the deal.
  2. Windows: Reduce heating and cooling bills with quality, double pane energy-saving windows. Consider adding additional windows and skylights to your kitchen’s layout to reduce reliance on artificial light and energy sources.
  3. Lighting: Replace older, existing light fixtures with LED lights to improve energy efficiency and reduce the cost of lighting and maintenance in the kitchen.
  4. Electrical & plumbing: A kitchen remodel is a great opportunity to upgrade wiring and pipes. Make sure pipes are insulated. Increase circuit breaker amps and update outlets to avoid electrical overloads. Install dimmers to reduce energy use.

Whether you’re upgrading a fix and flip or renovating a rental property, an energy-efficient kitchen will appeal to both buyers and tenants.

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