How a Real Estate Purchase Loan Work

How a Real Estate Purchase Loan Work

Get a Loan to Purchase Property with an Oregon Hard Money Lender

Invest in real estate and you can secure your financial future. Breaking into the real estate industry, however, can seem daunting to anyone new to the process.

Clear goals, hard work, and know how all go a long way towards success in real estate. If you’re interested in real estate investing but don’t think you have the financials or credit to get the head start you need, it’s important to know about available options.

A real estate loan can make the following type of investment property purchase a reality:

  1. Rental property loans (Duplex, apartment, single and multifamily, vacation, condominum)
  2. Retail property loans
  3. Business property loans
  4. Restaurant loans
  5. Industrial property loans
  6. Church property loans
  7. Commercial loans

When traditional lenders say no due to income limitations, less than perfect credit, or other variables, a hard money lender may be a helpful source of financing of an investment property purchase.

Purchase Loan Terms

Hard money lenders each offer different loan terms to purchase property. At Gregory M. Russell, we loan up to a maximum of 50% or half the purchase price of the property. Clients provide the remaining 50% cash down. Our loans range from a minimum of $25,000 to a maximum of $250,000. Credit and financial assets are not issues; loans are secured by the newly purchased property. And the process is fast and convenient. Applications are processed over the phone and can be funded in as little as a week.

“We have many satisfied customers who attest to the high level of service and commitment that has made us a hallmark in the industry,” says Greg Russell, owner and founder of Gregory M. Russell.

We Offer Fast, Flexible Oregon Real Estate Loans

Our team knows the Oregon market and has provided experienced lender services to investors for over 30 years. If you’re looking for a loan to purchase investment or rental property, talk to us about our hard money loan options and invest in a solid future. Call: 1-888-477-0444.