Goal-Setting for Success in Real Estate Investing

Goal-Setting for Success in Real Estate Investing

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There are many ways to invest in real estate.

From house flipping to rental properties, single or multi–family to commercial investments, there’s a type of real estate to suit a variety of interests, skills, and experience levels.

No matter where you land in the spectrum as an investor, it pays – literally – to have clear goals.

Without a set plan of action, it’s easy to become mired down in the myriad of both demands and opportunities that come with the industry.

The most successful investors think ahead and stay focused on long–term goals, particularly in a popular, highly competitive market like Oregon. How do they do it?

Follow these steps to investment success from the Forbes Real Estate Council:

How to set goals for success in real estate investing

Make your real estate investment goals…

1. Specific: The more detailed you are about goals (type and location of investment property, timeline, anticipated ROI), the simpler it will be to stay on track.

2. Measurable: Mark – and celebrate – project milestones and successes by setting specific benchmarks (dates, numbers).

3. Attainable: Know your market, resources, and experience level and then set reasonable goals that are within your control.

4. Realistic: Like attainable goals, keep a sense of what’s truly possible and you’ll be better able to avoid burnout or project failure.

5. Timed: Whether working solo or as part of an investment team, timed goals are important to keeping forward momentum with any project.

Setting well–thought–out goals is an important foundation to any real estate venture. Use these investment planning tools to ensure success in the industry.

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