House Flipping: Clever Ways to Make the Most of Your Space

House Flipping: Clever Ways to Make the Most of Your Space

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Sometimes a fixer-upper offers everything you’re looking for in a real estate investment – except square footage.

You don’t have to let a small property deter you. There are intuitive and often cost-effective ways to increase space and maximize your return on investment. Including smaller spaces in your real estate search also increases your odds of finding house flip opportunities in today’s tight housing market.

Think outside the box and let our suggestions help guide you as you think about fixer-upper upgrades.

6 Ways to Increase Space & Your ROI

  • Think up, think down: Lofty attics and cozy basements can offer prime opportunity to add a bedroom, office or rec room area without the hassle or expense of a major addition.
  • Close it in: Depending on structural considerations and your budget, you can gain valuable space by enclosing an existing porch or patio for year-round or three-season use.
  • Knock it out: You can quickly transform a cramped space by rethinking a floor plan and removing non-load-bearing walls that make a home feel cramped.
  • Build it in: Gain valuable space with functional built-ins like shelving, storage, an office unit or kitchen nook.
  • Pocket it: If you’re doing a full remodel, pocket doors may seem like a design element of the past, but they offer unparalleled space efficiency.
  • Lighten it up: One of the oldest tricks in the book to maximize space is the use of light, neutral colors. Use warmer paint tones to make a place feel homier; cooler tones boast a more modern feel.

With creative thinking, a small property can yield big results. Check out these home redos for more space-gaining inspiration.

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