7 Home Repair Tricks to Get the Job Done FAST

7 Home Repair Tricks to Get the Job Done FAST

Oregon Hard Money Loans are Great for Large Improvement Projects

There’s always something to be done when it comes to home repair and property maintenance.

You can do a lot of upkeep yourself – but what you save in dollars takes time away from other must-do’s. Some of the smallest repairs often turn into the most time-consuming.

We’ve got some tricky tips to help you ease the load. Check out these savvy home maintenance hacks the next time a repair job on your real estate investment comes up.

Quick & Clever Home Repair Hacks To Save You Time

  1. Deep clean soap scum and mildew from bathroom tiles without breaking a sweat. Use a cordless drill with a foam polishing ball attachment, then watch your tiles go from grimy to sparkling. Find polishing attachments used to shine up chrome and other car parts in auto stores.
  2. Make caulk lines like a pro. Clean and thoroughly dry the area you plan to caulk, then apply painter’s tape along the top and bottom. Be sure to peel off the tape before the caulk dries for a clean, straight edge.
  3. Fill minor wall cracks with a mixture of baking soda and a strong-bond super glue (e.g., Krazy Glue). Sand it down and paint once dry. Bonus tip: Use crayons matched to wall colors to fill small holes.
  4. Clear nail polish has too many uses to include them all. Here are two quick suggestions: Fix small tears in door or window screens. Paint screws before setting them to improve durability and keep them from coming loose.
  5. Clean out a smelly, sticky garbage disposal without getting your hands dirty. Drop in ice cubes and a peeled fresh lemon cut in wedges, give the disposal a whirl, then rinse with hot water to send stuck food and debris down the drain.
  6. Unclog shower heads and boost water flow with a vinegar wash. Secure a plastic bag partially filled with white vinegar over the shower head and leave it to soak for 30 minutes to several hours (depending on the fixture’s finish). Remove the bag, run hot water, scrub, and polish!
  7. Keep your toolbox dry and your tools rust-free. Toss pieces of porous, moisture-absorbing blackboard chalk into the toolbox. They’ll absorb any dampness and keep things from rusting.

Even minutes spent here and there on home repair eventually add up. So, use these clever – and sometimes fun – home maintenance tips to make your investment property upkeep a bit easier.

Get Oregon Hard Money Loan Financing for Large Repairs

Not every home repair is minor or can be fixed as easily or inexpensively as our hacks suggest. If you invest in real estate, you know that upgrades and large repairs come with property ownership. When you need financing – whether it’s for a fix and flip, rental property improvement or to leverage an investment purchase – reach out to our team of private money lenders at Gregory M. Russell. Our equity-based hard money loans are a great match. They’re fast and convenient, with an easy approval process that bypasses the paperwork and lag time you can expect from traditional lenders. We loan based on your available equity and plan for repayment. So, your credit and employment history are secondary. Let’s talk about your needs. Call 1-888-477-0444. If you’re ready now, complete our online loan request form. It’s quick and easy.


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