5 Smart Security Tips to Prevent Property Loss

5 Smart Security Tips to Prevent Property Loss

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No matter where you live or own real estate, home security is a concern. Thieves strike properties of all sizes, types, and conditions, both urban and rural.

Burglaries have shown a small and steady decline in the U.S. over the past ten years. However, a home break-in occurs every 15 seconds, or approximately 4,800 a day. When it does happen, the loss of property, hassle of replacement, and sense of invasion can be difficult to deal with.

Most robbers case a home before breaking in, looking for an easy target. The average time it takes to commit a burglary is just 10 minutes. And despite the common perception that burglars work under dark, most break-ins occur in the daytime during summer. Daylight, warm weather, and coverage provided by full, green landscaping let robbers go through your home quickly and easily.

You can take practical steps to help ensure your home, rental, or investment property is safe and secure from break-ins. Here are five ways to make your property less of a target and keep burglars away.

5 Ways to Secure Your Property Against Break-Ins

  1. Locks: A strong lock is the first deterrent to a break-in; 34% of all burglars simply walk through the front door. Secure all doors with quality deadbolts, strike plates, and hinges. Reinforce doorframes. And if a door has glass panes or a mail slot, add additional security to make sure a determined thief can’t get to the lock.
  2. Landscaping: Robbers look for access points hidden from view and places around a property to take cover. Keep shrubs and trees trimmed and away from the house, including doors and around windows.
  3. Lighting: Though a large percentage of break-ins occur during the daytime, good lighting is still essential. Keep all entryways well-lit. Motion-activated lighting is a good option for patios, decks, vulnerable outdoor areas, and lesser-used entries.
  4. Look Out: The presence of visible security cameras has played a large role in reducing break-ins in recent years. Invest in a video surveillance system to monitor your property’s exterior. Video doorbell cameras are a great way to deter intruders. You may even receive a discount on homeowners insurance.
  5. Likely: The more aware you are, the less likely a break-in will be. Keep doors locked and landscaping maintained. Let a trusted neighbor know when you’ll be away for a time, and make plans for the mail, newspaper, and garbage pickup. Avoid letting your home or rental property ever look “empty.”

Try to “think like a robber” when making property security upgrades. Walk around the exterior of your property. Note possible entrance points, hiding spots, inadequate lighting, and vulnerable views into your home. Expensive outdoor items can entice a thief, too; find a place to safely store them away.

Have you dealt with a home security issue or invasion? What steps do you take to secure your property?

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