Landscape Creep: When Trees Next Door Do Damage

Landscape Creep: When Trees Next Door Do Damage

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Gardening and pruning may not be top of mind during winter months.

But when wind, rain, ice and snow lead to property damage as a result of sodden tree roots or overburdened branches, tree care suddenly becomes a priority. In tree-filled Oregon, properties can be particularly susceptible to damage when heavy rains and high winds strike.

If your investment property sustains damage or a tree on your property needs attention, the order of business is clear. Call in the professionals as soon as possible to attend to roof or window repair, trim or remove problematic trees, and prevent further damage. Winter, in fact, is a great time to prune shrubs and trees while dormant.

But who is responsible when roots or branches from a neighbor’s tree result in financial damage to your property?

Protect Your Investment Property from Neighboring Tree Damage

Laws differ somewhat between states and municipalities. Responsibility is typically based on location of trunk.

In the Portland-metro area, code compliance requires that homeowners maintain the trees on their property. They must make reasonable inspections and ensure trees are safe.

If you have documented a neighbor’s tree as weakened and neglected and it comes down on your property in a storm, they could be held accountable. If your neighbor has taken reasonable care and their tree causes damage or a branch lands in your yard, it would more likely be deemed an “Act of God.”

Experienced property owners not only maintain their own landscaping, but  also stay on top of what surrounds it. You can legally trim overhanging branches from a neighbor’s tree back to your property line. If you’re concerned about a tree or shrub along a shared property line potentially causing damage, communicate with your neighbor and mediate an agreement to have it trimmed or removed.

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