What Makes a Good Rental Property

What Makes a Good Rental Property

Invest in the Portland Rental Market with a Hard Money Loan

The rental market remains robust in Portland, Oregon, as the population of the popular Pacific Northwest city and surrounding region continues to grow. Rental properties in the Portland area continue to be a good investment.

Successful rental property owners follow some simple rules of thumb when it comes to ensuring return on their investment. They understand what makes a potential rental property a good investment, as well as those things that make a rental home attractive to prospective tenants.

Rental property size

Identifying your preferred tenant (students? young couples? families?) will help you determine the property purchase best suited to your goals as an investor. Tip: There’s a demand for two to four bedroom single family homes in the Portland–metro area.

Rental property location

Renters generally prefer easy access to transportation and services, and families want good schools nearby. Tip: Since renting is typically short term, people will often rent on a busy street they wouldn’t otherwise buy on provided other property features offset location.

Rental property condition

Rental properties need to be clean and well maintained, inside and out. Tip: Portland’s eclectic neighborhoods offer older homes with “character” that appeal to many renters as an alternative to the standard neutral décor of rentals.

A Hard Money Lender That Knows the Oregon Real Estate Scene

It pays to be financially prepared as a real estate investor. When the perfect rental investment property comes along or unexpected repairs come up and conventional loan sources aren’t readily available, a hard money loan may be just the answer. We’ve worked with Oregon investors for over 30 years. Give us a call to learn about our fast, friendly Gregory M. Russell equity loan services. 1-888-477-0444.