Ways to Prep Your Rental Property for a Super Summer

Ways to Prep Your Rental Property for a Super Summer

Improve Your Oregon Rental Investment with a Hard Money Loan

Get out the sunscreen. Summer is right around the corner.

This time of year’s typically dry, sunny, mild weather provides the perfect opportunity to start tackling projects that will keep your rental investment property in tip top shape year-round. Remember, a well-maintained property will reap you a higher ROI by keeping tenants happy and your investment less prone to more costly repair expenditures later.

Where to start?

Use the following summer property improvement check list – and keep track of your repair project to do’s by thinking top to bottom and outside in.

Summertime Rental Property Improvement Checklist

Outside To Do’s Top to Bottom

  1. Inspect, repair and replace gutters and downspouts
  2. Inspect roof for signs of winter damage
  3. Inspect siding and foundation for damage or weak spots
  4. Inspect, repair loose deck boards
  5. Trim dead tree branches and prune live branches away from property exterior
  6. Powerwash exterior, driveway, surrounding walkways and surfaces
  7. Repair and update security and lighting systems
  8. Inspect and repair sprinklers
  9. Patch and seed lawn
  10. Freshen, plant landscaping

Inside To Do’s Top to Bottom

  1. Service and test cooling system
  2. Clean ductwork, replace air filters
  3. Dust ceiling fans prior to turning on or changing rotation
  4. Clean dryer and fan vents
  5. Replace smoke and carbon dioxide detector batteries
  6. Clean behind appliances

Get a Hard Money Loan and Improve Your Oregon Rental Property

A little maintenance goes a long way towards ensuring a solid return on your investment. If unexpected expenses pop up, consider the speed and ease of a hard money loan. Our private money lending team can get you the financing you need in a hurry. Gregory M. Russell is a top hard money lender in Oregon and knows the ins and outs of the region’s real estate market – and that beautiful summers here are the best kept secret in the country. Take advantage and get your rental investment property in shape now with a quick call.1-888-477-0444.