Top 5 Portland, OR Commuter Cities

Top 5 Portland, OR Commuter Cities

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The Portland-metro region has grown in the past decade. More cars are on the road and commute time has increased in proportion to the area’s popularity as one of the country’s top move-to destinations.

If you’re thinking of investing in Portland real estate, traffic doesn’t have to be a deterrent. There are Portland commuter towns that provide a variety of attractive investment opportunities. With a bit of research, you can find a property to fit your real estate goals.

Top Portland Commuter Towns

Ranked by average commuting time, housing costs and schools, the top five most desirable Portland commuter towns are West Linn, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Sherwood and Beaverton.

Each town offers unique features. Housing costs vary. But the common denominator is a quality lifestyle and easy access to downtown Portland.

  1. West Linn tops the list with an average commute of 18 minutes. Green spaces and a great school system add to its appeal.
  2. Lake Oswego’s housing costs are high, but the city’s 14 minute, bikeable commute make it a desirable spot to invest.
  3. Milwaukie’s friendly energy and riverside setting are pluses for investors looking for close-in locations.
  4. There’s an old town feel in Sherwood, which lies southwest of Portland and offers an easy city commute.
  5. Beaverton, the largest town on the list, is located just seven miles west of Portland. The MAX Light Rail System provides an alternate commuting option.

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