The Many Benefits of a Move to Bend, Oregon

The Many Benefits of a Move to Bend, Oregon

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Bend, Oregon is known for its beautiful scenery, high desert climate, and outdoor life. The city is a popular get-away for Oregonians from the Western side of the state and those looking to settle “away from it all.”

In recent years, tech workers from Silicon Valley have increasingly discovered Bend as a move-to commuter town destination. Home offices, cloud-based technology, and video conferencing have, more and more, allowed the California tech community to take advantage of Central Oregon’s appealing lifestyle and weather.

The region’s real estate market is another draw. Though demand is high and prices are on the upswing, housing is less competitive and more affordable than the areas many new residents are leaving. And as a year-round destination for outdoor recreation including skiing, snowboarding, whitewater rafting, fishing, golfing and more, Bend’s vacation rental market offers excellent opportunity for those interested in investing.

Bend has much to offer for anyone wanting to get away from urban traffic, gain a more balanced work-life experience, enjoy outdoor activity, or invest in real estate. Thanks to advances in technology, it’s possible to live and telecommute in a location like Central Oregon and have it all!

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