Spare Bedroom Features: How to Make Guests Welcome

Spare Bedroom Features: How to Make Guests Welcome

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It’s great to have space for overnight guests in any home. Now is the time of year when it’s particularly helpful as family and friends gather for the holidays.

What makes a guest bedroom or spare room (flex room) special? And is the additional space worth the cost when investing in real estate?

Multi-purpose spaces with full or half-bathrooms are a selling feature that add value to any investment property. When not in use for overnight guests, they can be used as a hobby room or office. First floor rooms are useful for aging parents or guests who may have difficulty using stairs.

Guest bedrooms offer the convenience of being guest-ready at any time. Check out these luxurious guest bedroom designs in some stunning homes in Oregon for inspiration. They not only add extra resale value – but guests will never want to leave!

How to Create a Welcoming Guest Bedroom Space

Having a guest bedroom is a dreamy ideal. But any flex space can be made comfortable for guests with some thoughtful attention to detail, including…

  • Lighting for reading and ambiance
  • Window coverings for privacy and to block early morning light
  • Bedside tables for personal belongings
  • Drawers and closet space
  • Private or easy access to a nearby bathroom

Consider the impact a flex space or extra bedroom can have on your ROI when investing in real estate and buy or upgrade property accordingly.

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