Selling Real Estate with Video: What to Know

Selling Real Estate with Video: What to Know

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It’s no surprise that video is a familiar tool used in real estate today.

What was already a trend has become even more common place during social distancing.

But video is not necessarily a must – or the right choice – for every property that goes on the market. It could even be detrimental to a timely sale.

What are the pros and cons of using video for a home sale? And how can you improve the odds of a successful property sale with video? Read on.

How to Use Video When Selling Your Investment Property

To video or not to video: Videos show off good properties to great advantage. Selling points can be highlighted and better viewed than in still photos – which can also be a disadvantage in homes that are poorly staged or are in need of repair. Before you pick up a camera or hire a videographer, make sure you’re not going to turn off prospective buyers with a video that emphasizes features you’d rather downplay.

Video vs virtual tour: You have options when it comes to capturing a home or investment property on video. Interactive virtual tours that put potential buyers “virtually” in the space have become a common way to view and sell properties, particularly during the pandemic. But a well-lit, well-shot video featuring selected highlights of a property can be just as effective and easier on your budget.

Pretty up the place: No property is worth putting on video if it doesn’t look its best. Unlike photos that can be retouched, video sees and exposes clutter, stains and mess and can’t be edited. Declutter and stage your home before shooting. Walk through your property in advance and plan your video shoot to avoid awkward angles, reflections in mirrors or windows, exposed wires and outlets and other unsightly views.

Keep it simple: Your property is the star. Avoid getting too gimmicky in post-production. Real estate videos that go overboard with voiceovers, chyrons, music or editing may capture attention, but not necessarily for the right reason. Focus on a well-composed video that showcases and is appropriate to your property. Your goal is publicity that will attract potential buyers and a timely sale.

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