Prepare and Protect Your Property for Winter Weather Now

Prepare and Protect Your Property for Winter Weather Now

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Oregon has enjoyed a sunny summer and mild fall.

But winter is approaching, bringing with it cold temperatures and the steady rain that the Pacific Northwest is so well known for.

The best time to protect your investment property from inclement weather is before it hits. Being prepared will help you to avoid the higher costs that can come with damage from water, wind damage and extreme temperatures.

Safeguard your property now with the following severe weather checklist:

Winter Weather Property Preparation Checklist

1. Roofing & Drainage: Clean gutters, make sure drain spouts are connected and operable, and check your roof for weak spots and missing shingles.

2. Windows, Sliders & Doors: Insulate and caulk drafty windows and door frames. Consider investing in an upgrade to double pane glass if your property’s windows are still single pane.

3. Landscaping: Trim and remove diseased or dead trees and branches. Prune shrubs and plants away from siding and foundation after they go dormant.

4. Foundation: Check for and repair any cracks or gaps around your property’s foundation, crawlspace or basement that may be further weakened by extreme temperatures.

6. Exterior Décor: Take in outdoor furniture and accessories and store them in a dry space.

7. Emergency Backup: Have a portable generator, repair supplies and tools, water and an emergency kit ready and available in case severe weather causes damage and/or power loss.

Reduce your risk of damage and costly seasonal repairs to your investment property with a bit of timely attention and preparation.

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