Portland metro-area to increase housing capacity with new development

Portland metro-area to increase housing capacity with new development

How can hard money lenders play role in easing real estate crunch

It’s been over fifteen years in the works, but the ground is finally moving in Hillsboro, Oregon as bulldozers begin to make way for a the largest planned residential development in Oregon history.

With Oregon a top move-to destination, Portland’s population growing at a brisk rate, and housing prices soaring, the Reeds Crossing development is coming none too soon.

20,000 residents will call the new South Hillsboro development southwest of Portland home upon completion. A mix of single-family and multi-family units, open spaces, as well as connectivity and a “town square” feel are among the considerations that went into the design and development of Reeds Crossing in an area once known as Reedsville.

“We’re building basically a new city the size of Forest Grove,” said Jamie Howsley, attorney for Pahlisch Homes, one of the three major developers currently involved in South Hillsboro. “It will have new parks, roads, sewers, water.”

Development means loss of rural landscape and farmland. But the region’s surging population and resulting housing shortage requires construction to meet the demand and that a balance be struck between urban sprawl and remaining rural areas.

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