Oregon Winter Season Real Estate Outlook

Oregon Winter Season Real Estate Outlook

Private Money Lenders Offer Easy Financing in Competitive Market

Oregon ranks as the number two destination in the country for people moving to a new state according to a recent survey from United Van Lines. Oregon has ranked in the top three for the past five years.

“It translates into a very good housing market just like we experienced last year,” says Michelle Maida of John L. Scott Realty in a look at the Oregon winter real estate market with KGW. “We have a high number of people moving here for job transfers, for jobs, for proximity to family, and we also have a lot of retirees.”

While Portland remains the most affordable big city on the West Coast, the region’s real estate market shows no signs of leveling off. Economic forecasts indicate housing will continue to appreciate 5-10% between January and June – months that the market traditionally sees increases.

Spring real estate market action starts mid-January and inventory will likely remain tight between January and March.

Oregon Real Estate Tips from a Pro

Whether you’re planning to purchase or turn over an investment property in the New Year, follow these pro tips for a successful real estate experience:

1. Get greater bang for your housing buck. If you’re buying property, consider Washington County over higher-priced Multnomah County. Beaverton has become a popular market that offers more house in the $300,000-500,000 range.

2. Get the jump on the busy season. Schedule a walk-through of any property you plan to sell with a realtor now to get suggestions on what should be done. Book contractors immediately for any renovation or upgrade work to avoid the spring rush.

3. Don’t overprice. If your property is in a good neighborhood and you keep your pricing within the “sweet spot,” you can expect to sell within 2-3 weeks, if not the first few days.

Oregon Hard Money Lenders Make Investing Simple

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