Oregon Ranks High as Prime Location to Retire

Oregon Ranks High as Prime Location to Retire

Give Your Investment Property “Retiree Appeal” with a Hard Money Loan

Oregon is a proven draw for retirees, thanks to its mild weather, rich cultural and arts scene, active outdoor lifestyle, a focus on sustainability and green living, and quality healthcare options.

Portland ranks among the Best Places to Retire according to U.S. News. Other popular cities to retire around the state include Ashland, Astoria, Hood River, Lincoln City, Florence and Lake Oswego.

Though housing and living costs are relatively high in Oregon, retirees appreciate the many advantages the state offers. From coastal to urban to mountain communities, there’s somewhere to settle for every taste.

5 Smart Property Upgrades for Retiree Appeal

What does Oregon’s high retirement population mean for real estate investors?

By considering an older demographic when making upgrades to your rental or fix and flip, you can expand your potential rental or buyer’s market. Include these five accommodations to make your property more appealing to retirees:

  1. Door handles: Install stylish, easy-to-open lever door handles instead of traditional doorknobs.
  2. Storage: Include easy access slide out shelving, storage hooks and shelves. Put prep counters at a comfortable height.
  3. Shower: Install a no lip, curb-less shower stall. If space allows, consider adding a grab bar.
  4. Stairs: One-level floor plans are easiest for older residents to navigate. If stairs are unavoidable, add sturdy railings and consider ramps where appropriate.
  5. Extra room: Design an additional room for use as hobby, transitional office or guest space – a sought-after feature.

With thoughtful upgrades, you can improve the “retiree appeal” of your investment property and attract Oregon’s robust retirement housing market.

Upgrade Your Investment Property with a Private Money Loan

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