Middle-Income Housing Hard to Come by in Portland

Middle-Income Housing Hard to Come by in Portland

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Oregon has received a lot of attention in recent years as one of the country’s hottest “move to” destinations.

Along with the influx of population has come a squeeze on the region’s real estate market, resulting in rapidly rising housing costs. Portland, in particular, has experienced skyrocketing housing prices and a tightening of availability, limiting affordable housing options.

Making more housing more affordable

The City of Portland is researching ways to address the lack of affordable housing. Primarily zoned for single-family neighborhoods, Portland has shown a steady increase in housing that is out of reach of 63% of it’s residents. So–called “missing middle-income housing” would include multiunit properties such as duplexes, triplexes, rowhouses, garden apartments, and accessory dwelling units.

Led by housing activists with Portland for Everyone and others who want to see more options for multifamily dwellings, the affordable housing effort isn’t without its detractors. Home demolition and population growth are changing the face of many Portland neighborhoods. The challenge lies in striking a thoughtful balance that addresses the area’s housing crisis while retaining the energy, landscape and essence that makes Portland unique.

Invest with ease with hard money loan assistance

Investing in multiunit properties in high housing cost markets like Portland can be a smart move.

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