Maintenance Tips for a Safe, Secure Rental Property

Maintenance Tips for a Safe, Secure Rental Property

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A good paint job and nicely kept landscaping are among the obvious signs of a well-maintained rental property.

But responsible landlords invest in more than just cosmetic upkeep. They provide their tenants a livable home environment that complies with state laws and meets health and safety standards.

Following a regular rental safety maintenance checklist is a smart move. You not only reduce the risk of accidents and protect your liability as owner. You also lessen the potential for property damage and big ticket repairs.

Use our safety list for review, repair and upkeep of your Oregon investment property:


  1. Doors: check for secure closure, clear exit, working locks
  2. Lights & outlets: check for faulty wiring, secure wall plates
  3. Ceilings, walls & floors: check for water stains, cracks or sags, structural weaknesses, pests
  4. Fireplace: check for debris, cracks or holes, leaks


  1. Landscape: check for overgrown shrubbery
  2. Stairs & walkways: check for broken or loose handrails, missing or loose pavers
  3. Lights: check for adequate lighting at security and safety points
  4. Windows: check for secure closure, working locks, locking mechanisms
  5. Roof: check for loose or missing shingles, water damage, rot


  1. Smoke & CO alarms: check batteries and operation
  2. HVAC system: check and clean system, filters
  3. Plumbing: check water supply and pressure
  4. Water heater: check water temperature (below 120°), flush system
  5. Washer/dryer: check vents
  6. Stove, oven, refridgerator, kitchen appliances: check heating and cooling elements, operation


  1. Schedule professional inspections and maintenance (i.e. HVAC, roof inspection and repair)
  2. Establish tenant maintenance request system (quick response reduces more costly issues)
  3. Keep good safety maintenance records

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