Keep it Honest: Real Estate Photo Do’s & Don’ts

Keep it Honest: Real Estate Photo Do’s & Don’ts

Get Your Property Picture-Ready with a Private Money Loan

The real estate industry today revolves around digital technology, and photos play an enormous role in the listing experience.

Even in a competitive market, when housing is at a premium, photos can impact how much attention a listing gets and how quickly it sells: Buyers count on photos in their online real estate search. The higher the quality and quantity of images, the easier they can determine how well a potential property might meet their needs.

It’s up to sellers to provide listing photos that are accurate and honest. Misleading images aren’t fair to the buyer – or you as the seller. Dishonest photos could alienate eager buyers who walk in the door for a viewing and compromise a quick sale.

Let your listing photos show your property at its best – and keep them real.

How to Keep Listing Photos Honest

It’s ok to brighten dim photos taken on a gray day or touch up minor blemishes like nail holes or smudges. If you’ve removed a fence or plan to take out a tree before selling, you might digitally update existing images before sharing them.

But it’s false advertising to make spaces look larger than they are or to edit out large or permanent items. Room dimensions, backyard sheds, power lines, and neighboring homes should be unaltered or fairly represented.

Avoid using a fisheye or wide-angle camera lens when taking real estate photos. (If you do, the distortion will likely be a giveaway – and a turn off – to buyers anyway.) Put your effort into preparing your place for listing photos before clicking the shutter. Follow these quick photo staging tips:

  • Declutter rooms and outdoor spaces
  • Remove personal items, paperwork, magazines
  • Tuck away cords and remote controls
  • Wash windows and mirrors
  • Clean and dust all surfaces
  • Remove floor mats

If there is a part of your property that simply can’t be photographed well (a basement, the backside of your home), avoid it.

Feature your property’s highlights with many quality photos – and buyers will be knocking on your door!

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