Nearby Portland: Invest in Lake Oswego, Oregon

Nearby Portland: Invest in Lake Oswego, Oregon

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Portland, Oregon offers a variety of neighborhoods and surrounding communities with something to appeal to everyone.

The city of Lake Oswego is conveniently located just ten miles south of Portland’s downtown core. Centered around Oswego Lake and bordered by the Willamette River, this picturesque bedroom community offers a quietly paced, small town feel with easy metro access.

Lake Oswego is known as one of Oregon’s most affluent communities. But the population of around 40,000 is made up of residents from many walks of life, drawn to the city’s amenities.

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Lake Oswego

  1. Easy access: Conveniently located at the nexus of a number of roadways, Lake Oswego offers reasonable commute time to Portland and other destinations around the region.
  2. Schools: Lake Oswego schools are top ranked in the state, providing students a quality educational experience K-12.
  3. Parks: The city boasts lush, green parks and wooded hiking trails and pathways. Nearby Tryon Creek State Park is Oregon’s only state park within a major metro area.
  4. Housing: From million-dollar luxury waterfront properties lining Oswego Lake to single-story starter homes, Lake Oswego provides a diverse array of housing options.
  5. Lifestyle: The city has an relaxed, laid-back energy. The comfortable pace encourages a healthy balance of work and play.
  6. Recreation: The city and nearby areas provide opportunity for year-round recreation, including hiking, running, biking, golf, water sports and fishing.
  7. Dining & shopping: Fine dining and casual eateries offer a variety of tasty options, and shopping ranges from small boutiques to major retail stores.
  8. Community events: Residents gather for annual holiday events, a farmers market, concerts, movies in the park and more.
  9. Arts & culture: Live theatre, music, film and art are regularly featured around the city, creating a vibrant local cultural scene in addition to all that Portland offers.
  10. Family: Lake Oswego is a family friendly town, thanks to its highly rated school district, attractive neighborhoods, play parks and other family-oriented amenities and lifestyle features.

Invest in Lake Oswego Real Estate with a Private Money Loan

Why invest in Lake Oswego? With the right timing, financing and property, return on investment in real estate in the community can be highly profitable. If you find the perfect investment property and need fast cash to make a deal, our hard money lender team at Gregory M. Russell can help. Less than perfect credit is not an issue. Loan approval is equity based and conveniently quick. Call 1-888-477-0444 to learn how our private money loan services work. We’re ready to talk.