How to Sell an Investment Property in the Fall

How to Sell an Investment Property in the Fall

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Spring and summer are traditionally the prime seasons for buying and selling real estate.

But fall, especially in the Pacific Northwest, can be a terrific time of year to put a property on the market. With a bit of prep work and planning, autumn offers unique opportunities to sellers.

Buyers looking for homes during the fall season are typically more committed. And since inventory tends to shrink after Labor Day, demand is greater.

Follow these few simple tips to up your curb appeal, make your Oregon investment property stand out, and bolster your chances of a timely sale.

Tips to Sell Your Property in the Fall

  1. A fresh coat of paint, including trim, is a worthwhile investment. Paint the front door in a contrasting color.
  2. Keep landscaping maintained and tidy. Weed, trim shrubs, cut the grass and keep leaves raked.
  3. Keep gutters clean of falling leaves and debris to avoid an unkempt look and potential overflow issues.
  4. Decorate with pumpkins, gourds and seasonal potted flowers or plants for an extra splash of color. (A little goes a long way).
  5. Cast a warm, welcoming glow, especially as days start to get shorter. Put lights on timers, both inside and out.
  6. Be sure to replace burned out bulbs, especially in exterior light fixtures.
  7. Use an essential oil diffuser to lightly emit a warm, spicy scent during Open Houses. (Some people are sensitive to commercial candles.)

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