How to Prepare Your Property for a Home Inspection

How to Prepare Your Property for a Home Inspection

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Summer real estate sales are in full swing and it’s a seller’s market.

Home inspections – when a licensed inspector reviews a property for structural, electrical or mechanical flaws – can make or break a sale.

If you’re getting ready to put your home or investment property on the market, follow these pointers on how to prepare for a home inspection – and help ensure a smooth sale process.

Home Inspection Prep Tips

Pre-Inspection: Use this checklist to get your property inspection-ready.

  • Take care of deferred repairs, including leaks, mold or electrical issues
  • Do a thorough interior cleaning, top to bottom.
  • Clean and repair windows, screens and slider tracks
  • Clean out gutters
  • Clean out the fireplace
  • Change HVAC filters
  • Replace burnt out lightbulbs
  • Clear brush, spider webs and debris from crawl spaces or areas the inspector may access

If your property is vacant:

  • Keep utilities on so the inspector can test systems
  • Keep pilot lights lit

Day of Inspection: Be prepared for the following.

  • Be on time (inspectors are prompt!)
  • Leave during the inspection (your listing agent will stay to represent you)
  • Make sure pets are off premises
  • The buyer and their agent might be present
  • Remember to leave garage remotes, exterior access keys and key access to electrical panels

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