How to Make Your Living Space Feel Larger (5 Great Tips)

How to Make Your Living Space Feel Larger (5 Great Tips)

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Any room can be made to feel larger or smaller, depending on design choices.

Creating a spacious, functional interior is smart design move, particularly as we spend more time at home. And spring is a great time of year to make updates if preparing to put your home or investment property on the market.

Here are five design tricks to make any living space less confining and more comfortable.

5 Design Tricks for a More Spacious Living Space

  1. Color and contrast: Bright, light colors make a room look bigger by reflecting light. Soft neutral whites and creams maximize the effect. Paint trim, molding and cabinets in darker contrasting colors to make light colored walls appear farther back and further enhance the illusion.
  2. Lighting: Letting in natural light is the best way to brighten and open up a space. If light is limited, create the effect with creatively placed lighting fixtures.
  3. Windows: Free windows from overly heavy window coverings and décor. If using curtains, hang sheer whites to let light in. Floor-to-ceiling curtains make ceilings look higher. Keep windows and screens sparkling clean.
  4. Mirrors: Mirrored surfaces reflect light and open up a space. Place mirrors strategically on walls, tabletops, and doors. Bonus tip: Think about the reflection a mirror will capture and reflect back into a room (e.g. place a mirror across from a window).
  5. Declutter: A clean, streamlined space feels bigger. Keep décor simple. Place one large, focal piece of furniture and keep smaller pieces to a minimum. Use hidden and multi-functional storage to keep things organized and tucked away.

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