How to Make the Most of Summer’s Hot Real Estate Market

How to Make the Most of Summer’s Hot Real Estate Market

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Summer is traditionally the busiest time of the year for real estate, with home sales typically peaking between June and August.

Oregon State continues to see a robust influx of population and an increasingly competitive housing market as a result. While the market may be tight in the Northwest, this is the season for real estate investors to put their skills to work.

Follow these top inside real estate agent tips to make the most of the year’s hottest sales months and find your ideal investment property:

4 Tips for Investment Success in Summer’s Hot Real Estate Market

1. Connect with contractors: With inventory low and construction on the rise in places like the Portland–metro area and beyond, it pays to build relationships with builders in order to keep ahead of potential properties coming on the market.

2. Use word of mouth: Letting friends, family and associates know about your interest is an effective way to expand the scope of your property search. You never know who will be aware of a potential listing coming available.

3. Take advantage of technology: From neighborhood stats to listings to property values to market rents, it’s easy to access all you need to know using the many resources available via technology. Check out online tools and apps and become an informed investor.

4. Know an agent: The right real estate agent can play a significant role in your long term success as an investor. Find and develop a relationship with a trusted agent and include them as a member of your investment team.

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