How to Create the Perfect Staycation Setting

How to Create the Perfect Staycation Setting

An Oregon hard money loan can make your dream oasis a reality

With the demands of today’s hectic lifestyles, you don’t have to go far to appreciate down time. The ideal vacation “getaway” can be as simple as unplugging and staying home.

Oregon’s glorious sun–drenched summers make the idea of a “staycation” rather than driving a distance or getting on a plane pretty appealing. Why go any farther than your own backyard when skies are blue and temperatures so ideal.

The key is to create a space that invites relaxation and rejuvenation. Check out the following pointers for design inspiration. Whether it’s for your own home or to add value to an investment property, we’re sure you’ll find ideas for the perfect staycation oasis!

Create a Staycation Escape

Nature’s way – Easy summer living is all about enjoying the outdoors. Cool, shady spaces for the high heat of day and sun-dappled spots to soak up summertime rays can be created with a well-designed deck, yard, or garden house. Let your imagination go – then work with professionals to design to fit your budget.

Sit back and relax – Think flow, ease, tranquility, and peace as you design your staycation space. Consider the variety of activities, types of gatherings, and times of day that your outdoor sanctuary will be put to use for. Choose natural materials, plantings, waterworks, lighting, seating and color palette that compliment and encourage a relaxed, easy mood.

Enjoy the Ease of a Hard Money Loan

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