How to Purchase Real Estate in a Low Inventory Housing Market

How to Purchase Real Estate in a Low Inventory Housing Market

Have Your Financing Ready with a Hard Money Loan

Oregon, like many metro areas across the country, is experiencing a housing inventory pinch. Between rising prices and fewer homes on the market than a year ago, buyers are having a tough time finding enough active real estate listings to choose from.

What can you do to improve your odds in a competitive market?

Low Inventory Housing Market Tactics for Success

Follow these pointers to increase your chances of successfully closing a real estate deal:

Be prepared: Have financing in hand. The quicker you can move and the more you can offer, the more successful you’ll be. Make your best offer up front.

Be patient: The right property will come along. Even when it does, you may not get the first one you want. Or the second. But the right property will come along.

Be flexible: A quick closing date might be the thing that seals the deal. Be ready to roll with a preapproval or financing (see above), an inspector at the ready, or whatever it takes.

Be sincere: Write an offer letter that expresses your honest interest in and love of a property. Sellers who care want to sell to buyers they like who will take good care of their investment.

Be creative: If the timing of a sale becomes an issue for both parties, consider renting back to the seller. If listings are proving futile, talk to landlords who are advertising homes for rent. Think outside the box!

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