How Hard Money Loans Make Financing Easy

How Hard Money Loans Make Financing Easy

Finance Your Investment with an Oregon Easy Qualify Hard Money Loan

Successful investors know that a long-term commitment to the real estate market is a proven investment strategy.

Hard money lenders play an active role in helping many investors reach their goals. But the term “hard money lender” can raise questions. What do these types of lenders do – and is it really hard?

Hard Money Loans Aren’t Hard

Hard money loans are, in fact, a reliable financing option. When and why do investors seek out hard money lenders?

The conventional loan process typically relies on rigorous guidelines and lengthy timeframes. Credit history and employment are required to qualify, and paperwork can be extensive.

Many real estate deals and property flips hinge on short turnarounds. If you need quick access to money or don’t want to pay out of pocket for property renovations, traditional lenders may not move fast enough. If your credit or employment history is an issue, they may say no.

Hard money lenders (sometimes called private money lenders) finance based on your available equity, not a lengthy list of requirements. The loan application and approval process is fast. Access to funds is quick.

Hard money loans are a great option for house flippers looking for short term funding. Experienced hard money lenders understand the fix-and-flip industry and many will lend based on after-value.

For investors, hard money loans are a fair and reasonable lending option that offer quick access to financing.

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