How Fast Can You Flip a House?

How Fast Can You Flip a House?

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Real estate investors flip houses to grow their investment portfolios in the short term. The goal of house flipping is to purchase a fixer-upper, make improvements, and turn the property over for a quick profit.

The faster you purchase and sell properties, the faster your portfolio will grow. House flipping offers enormous potential as a revenue source: some experienced investors successfully flip full-time. However, flipping is also challenging and carries some risks.

So just how fast can you flip a house? How many houses can you flip in one year?

It depends.

How Many Houses Can a House Flipper Flip in a Year

Flipping houses requires sweat equity, financial resources, and a certain amount of luck. Outside factors can impact your success, from the housing market to unexpected repairs to weather.

Experience, skills, and real estate contacts also influence in how quickly you can turn over a property. The more you know and the more extensive your network, the more houses you can reasonably expect to flip in a year.

Having ready and available financing is an essential factor in house flipping. Many investors use equity-based hard money loans to help finance their fixer-upper projects. The amount of capital you have will determine how quickly you can complete a project and the number of properties you purchase. Experienced flippers know how to strategize financially. It’s important to know your limits and not overextend.

Finding undervalued properties to flip presents challenges in today’s tight housing market and can affect the number of investment projects you take on in a year. But with experience, commitment, and a good network, you can locate potential house flips at below-market prices.

Your own time and availability play a significant role in how fast you can flip a house. From finding properties to renovations to dealing with unexpected repairs or setbacks, house flipping a single home can take up to six months. Full-time flippers can turn over seven or more houses in a year; if you’re a “part-timer,” anticipate flipping one to three.

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