Home Staging & Décor Do’s & Don’ts

Home Staging & Décor Do’s & Don’ts

Our Oregon Private Money Loan Team Makes Home Upgrades Simple

Look at real estate news and you might think it takes no effort to sell a home or lease a rental property in hot housing markets like the Portland, Oregon metro region. Inventory is tight and bidding wars are the norm.

But it’s not a given that every property will be snapped up. Sellers and landlords can shorten listing time and gain higher ROI with a few smart moves.

Are you furnishing a rental property or staging a home for sale? Appeal to prospective renters and buyers with these simple home décor and staging tips.

Home Décor Do & Don’t Tips for No Fail Appeal

Follow these tips to create a pleasing home environment:

Location & architecture: Use a home’s architecture and environment to inspire thoughtful interior design choices. (A cabin in a wooded Northwest mountain location jars with tropical décor.)

“Theme” décor: Likewise, take inspiration from a design style but avoid entirely drenching a space in a themed look. Choose select pieces or colors to suggest – not overwhelm.

Mix old & new: Don’t be afraid to combine new furniture pieces with old to add interest and depth to a room. Avoid “matchy-matchy” accessories and artwork.

Clutter: Less is more. Display selective art pieces. Reduce the number of throw pillows. Choose furniture and storage pieces that serve multifunctional purposes in today’s work-from-home environment.

Furniture placement: Don’t push furniture against walls. Choose a focal point to arrange around and allow breathing room between furniture and walls. Create “conversation areas” in larger spaces.

Lighting: Rooms come to life with a proper mix of functional and ambient lighting. Consider each room and how it’s used at different times of day and provide lighting accordingly.

Chords & cables: A tangle of exposed cables and chords is unsightly and unappealing. Use chord ties and organizers, multiplugs and chord covers for a tidier, more organized look.

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