Flipping Houses in Today’s Competitive Market

Flipping Houses in Today’s Competitive Market

Finance Your House Flip with a Super Simple Oregon Hard Money Loan

The U.S. housing market is robust – and fall is showing signs of staying busy as buyers take advantage of low interest rates and the easing of pandemic restrictions.

The real estate market may be competitive. But for savvy investors, house flipping is a viable investment option and proving to be “pandemic-proof.”

House Flipping Tips

What is house flipping? Simply put, it is purchasing a property with the intent to sell for a profit. The goal is to buy low, sell high within a short time span.

Most house flippers invest in repairs or renovations. As a real estate strategy, house flipping lends itself to the pandemic. Flippers can easily adapt investment projects to ensure safety measures are met:

  • Renovations and repairs typically take place in vacant properties and outdoors, making social distancing easy.
  • Online ordering and curbside pickups make supply purchases simple and safe.
  • Contractors wear gloves and masks (N95s are industry standard).
  • Virtual viewing and curbside closings have become the norm, making home sales simple to accommodate.

There is risk with any fix and flip. But for the immediate future, the housing market is strong and house flips are an investment opportunity worth considering. For bargain hunters, a house flip offers potential for great return on investment with thoughtful budgeting, sweat equity and creative upgrades.

Get an Oregon Hard Money Loan for Your Fix and Flip Project

Financing is key when it comes to house flipping. If you have issues with credit or employment history or your bank is not moving fast enough, talk to our private money lending team. Gregory M. Russell has been a respected hard money lender in Oregon for almost thirty years. We know the local real estate market – and we work with investors to make their goals become reality. Our hard money loans are based on your available equity. Your credit and employment history are secondary. So give a call (1-888-477-0444) or complete our simple online loan request form today. We move fast and get cash into your hand when you need it.