Design Trends to Inspire Your Investment Property Upgrade

Design Trends to Inspire Your Investment Property Upgrade

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It’s best to keep design neutral when making improvements to a rental property or a fix and flip to attract a large range of potential tenants or buyers.

But the latest trends in color, fixtures, treatments and finishes can help inform your choices.

Follow these current top design ideas for a fresh, up-to-date look if you’re planning an investment property upgrade or renovation.

Inspiring Interior Design Trends

Color: Keep color schemes warm and welcoming. Warm up plain white walls with a subtle palette in neutral beige or light brown tones. Complete the look with rich, dark toned cabinets.

Fixtures: Brass, copper and bronze-toned metal compliment warm colored walls and tile. Mix and match metals for a contemporary feel.

Lighting: Suspended pendant lighting above countertops and work spaces in the kitchen looks both fresh and on-trend. Use a combination of ambient and bright task lighting in bathrooms.

Wall treatments: Wallpaper is making a comeback. A neutral pattern used sparingly (on a recessed shelving unit or single wall) is enough to capture attention and add interest to a space.

Tile: Like wallpaper, selectively placed designer tile can make a statement. Use more traditional, neutral tile with custom accents to appeal to a wide range of tastes.

Finishes: Matte finishes on kitchen counters, cabinets and appliances is both practical and beautiful. Easy to clean, it reduces glare and provides a clean, contemporary look and feel.

Home tech: Technology runs every aspect of our lives today. Make sure rooms are adequately wired for smart devices and home environment advances.

Sustainable space: Thoughtful upgrades that promote sustainability, from energy consumption to waste, are increasingly popular selling features. Design “green” when and where possible.

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