Choose the Right Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Investment Property

Choose the Right Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Investment Property

Make Our Oregon Hard Money Lenders Part of Your Real Estate Team

When it comes time to sell a real estate investment property, you want the highest rate of return.

Working with a professional real estate agent can help guarantee success, particularly in competitive markets like Portland, Oregon. An experienced listing agent has the know-how to sell your rental, vacation or investment property fast and for top dollar.

A real estate agent who know’s the “biz” is valuable. A good working relationship is equally important. How do you find the right “fit” in an agent? We sum up steps for success.

How to Find the Right Real Estate Agent

1. Research: Personal referrals are a great way to get names of possible real estate agents. But be sure to follow up with your own research. Check out agents’ websites, other reviews and listing histories prior to making contact.

2. Interview: Take time to interview your top choices and get a feel for personal connection. Don’t be “oversold” by agents who make claims that seem too good to be true or who recommend selling for a price the market clearly can’t support.

3. Marketing: Review any potential agent’s sales and marketing strategy. It should include a current CMA, printed marketing materials, website, social media, and well-established industry network to help make your property sale a success.

4. Communication: Every good real estate agent regularly communicates with their client. You’re paying, in part, for their expertise and availability. If you don’t hear from an agent or they’re not readily reachable from the beginning, look elsewhere.

5. Follow up: Like good communication, follow through is key to a successful sale. Make sure your agent of choice is timely with paperwork, photos and processing of your listing. Not producing can be a sign of trouble.

Our Private Money Lenders Bring Experience to Your Investment Team

Successful real estate investors work with teams they can count on from buying and selling property to insurance to home improvement and maintenance. We bring thirty years’ experience as private money real estate loan experts to investors throughout Oregon. When you need fast financing for your investment project, give Gregory M. Russell a call. We’re happy to work with you to provide hard money loan options to meet your needs. 1-888-477-0444.