Can Solar Panels Energize Your Real Estate Investment?

Can Solar Panels Energize Your Real Estate Investment?

Hard money loans for energy-wise improvements can help increase property value

Given the state’s rainy reputation, it’s reasonable to pose the question “Do solar panels really work in Oregon?”

The answer is yes.

The Oregonian recently followed the story of one home owner who successfully “went solar” in the Columbia Gorge. (Are solar panels right for your home?)

Solar smarts add up to an energy-wise investment

What did they learn?

  1. You must own your own property, have good solar access, and be able to afford up-front costs. (Gregory M. Russell hard money loan services can provide assistance with a fast, convenient equity loan.)
  2. There are up-front costs, but the system pays for itself after a few years
  3. Rebates and tax incentives help alleviate up-front costs
  4. The system both pays for itself and increases property value
  5. Research and installation of a solar panel system are not complicated, thanks to nonprofit and government assistance programs

Whether you own rental, multifamily or commercial property, solar provides an alternate energy option that will not only increase your real estate investment value but do something positive for the environment. “My family’s simple rooftop solar is good for energy independence, good for our planet and good for our finances,” says solar convert Brett VandenHeuvel, featured in the Oregonian article. “That’s something to celebrate.”

Note that in Oregon, the greatest value-back benefits are recognized when the property owner owns, rather than leases, the solar system.

If you’re considering major energy-efficiency upgrades or renovations to enhance your property’s value, our private money loan services can provide the bridge financing you need to see you through. Give us a call to learn more. 1-888-477-0444.