Benefits of Buying a Duplex as a First Time Real Estate Investment

Benefits of Buying a Duplex as a First Time Real Estate Investment

Buy an Oregon Duplex Property with a Hard Money Loan

If you’re just starting out in real estate, a duplex property offers many advantages as a first time investment strategy.

Hot housing markets like Oregon present a variety of real estate opportunities. Each type of property – single family, duplex, multifamily – has its pros and cons. And any investment comes with risks.

But a duplex provides unique benefits as a beginner real estate investment.

Duplex Property Benefits for First Time Investors

Purchase price: Duplexes are often more affordably priced investments than single family or multifamily properties, offering greater potential ROI for first time investors.

Cash flow: You can either live in one unit and rent out the other, or rent both properties for maximum cash flow, helping to quickly pay off your mortgage.

Proximity: Being close to your rental property and tenant might not always be easy, but it can be a helpful experience for beginner investors learning the in’s and out’s of property maintenance and management.

Risk: Duplexes are a relatively low-risk introduction to landlording. Viewed as high-return investments, financing is typically simple. Talk to our Gregory M. Russell hard money lender team. Stated income and credit issues are not a problem.

If you research, shop smart, and find the right deal, a duplex can be a great springboard to a solid financial future in real estate.

Finance a Duplex with an Oregon Hard Money Lender

We’ve been making equity loans to Oregon real estate investors for all types of property for more than 30 years. As experienced hard money lenders, we’re committed to helping you meet your investment goals. We’re friendly, fast and available when you need financing now. A less-than-perfect credit history is not an issue. Our application process is simple (check it out online here). If you’d like talk about your funding needs and our private money loan services, call 1-888-477-0444 today.